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Our Story

Retyred Designs upcycles unused tyres into functional ottomans using only the best quality materials. Tyres can take several thousand years to decompose, so we love rescuing them and giving them new life.

Locally sourced tyres

Tyres are sourced from local surrounds and checked to ensure they are in good condition. They are then cleaned of any debris.

High quality fabrics

The ottomon is covered in a selection of quality upholstery fabrics.

How are they made?

Made to last

The tyre is prepped for covering. We use only good quality furnishing materials to ensure a long-lasting product.

Ready for your home

Our finished ottoman is perfect for your home, office or the hospitality industry. So why not take a seat or put your feet up and retyre for the day!

The Dream

Sharon Woollon / Owner & Founder

After spending 20 years in corporate, Retyred Design’s creator, Sharon Woollon, stumbled across recycled tyres whilst looking for ideas to satisfy her creative side. With a billion tyres destined for landfill worldwide every year, transforming them into a quality product that is both FUNCTIONAL and great looking makes perfect sense. She now enjoys designing different ottomans, each with its own unique flair. “We do our best to give old tyres new life with practical purpose”.

While Sharon is busy designing ottomans and pursuing the perfect fabric, Kwanele Sibanda, a LOCAL upholsterer from Masiphumelele township in Cape Town, manufactures them from start to finish. “I’ve been doing upholstery for 17 years now. It’s what I’m GOOD at and I love seeing how each finished product turns out.”